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Thinking about Thalia's outfit

Thalia is currently wearing a DollHeart neck corset, Ringdoll Frankenstein's robe, black handmade leggings and skull loafers. That's not her final outfit, but I'm still working on what indeed she will end up wearing.

I have multiple and often contradictory ideas at work here. My default impulse is to take a particular idea and run with it to the extreme, which would mean more black! As many shades and textures as possible! More corsetry! More boning! Paint it black! Paint it black, you devil!

On the other hand, the more clothes Thalia wears, the more difficult she is to pose. This argues for an ensemble that's either parsimonious or loose/stretchy.

I need something skimpy and stretchy, which means that the Ringdoll robe, being voluminous, won't suffice. I can also abandon my cherished hopes of jamming her into Jareth's platform stilettos. And no underwear.

Maybe some hot pants and a tank top? I actually used to have such an outfit that came with my Angelsdoll Hyang, but I sold it [with my Angelsdoll Hyang], so phooey.

EDIT: I see that I can procure a blank stretchy tank top for relatively cheap, so maybe a black tank with a rib cage on it would be good instead of pasties. [I've been on a skeleton kick for a while...]

While I'm thinking of it, I should also add that I'd like to make her eyes like Lucian's: black irises with white pupils. He has such small eyes that it was always difficult, when photoing him, to get the full effect of the unusual coloration, so I hope to carve open Thalia's eyelids so that her eyes are more visible.

And the ball gag -- don't forget the ball gag! I'm kinda surprised that no one else has come up with that idea before me [or, if they have, they haven't exhibited it publicly]. I have some squeezy stress balls to cut up for the gag, but I'm not sure what to use for straps. I refuse to make an elaborate harness, settling instead for a single strap -- maybe four-way stretch Spandex? Lord knows I have enough of that left over from Jareth's super expensive commissions.

I'm considering alternatives to a bunch of plastic snakes glued to her scalp for hair. I think a black mohair wig [like the one featured on Spirit Doll Stayne at the most recent VTDL meetup] with occasional snakes inserted might be more effective, as it would look like an average wig until closer inspection. Then surprise! Snakes!!

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