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Thalia, temporarily

Months after acquiring her head, I finally got around to doing something with Thalia this weekend. I took Janvier Jett's head off the Angelsdoll massive girl body, along with the Dikadoll jointed hands. I plopped Thalia's head on the Angelsdoll body and put the original hands back on and then dressed her in some stopgap clothes.

I did skeletal paint work on the back of Thalia's hands in my usual messy style. I laid down a few layers of matte sealant, which is my substitute for Mister Super Clear, then painted a few coats of white acrylic in the approximate positions of where I wanted the bones to be. Then I sketched the bones with the much-maligned PERMANENT MARKER ONOEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1, which was a lot easier than trying to paint lines that fine. I covered the much-maligned PERMANENT MARKER ONOEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 with a few more coats of white acrylic, then sealed it with more matte sealant. I like the effect of the stark much-maligned PERMANENT MARKER ONOEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 softened by a white acrylic wash, which looks a bit like it's lurking under the skin. The result looks pretty good, like Thalia got very, very, very bored and doodled on the backs of her hands.

Thalia's temporary outfit consists of the neck corset from DollHeart's Hell Queen, the robe from RingDoll's Frankenstein [first edition], some black leggings that someone made me and Janvier Jett's hilarious skull-and-crossbones loafers. I may dispense with a shirt and just go for some pasties with a chain between them.

Anyway, now that I have her assembled, I see that the IOS Infernale head goes very well with the Angelsdoll massive girl body. The resin matches perfectly, despite what the photos would have you believe, and the bulk of the body balances the rather large head. I can even deal with the general pointiness, although her eyes are much too small. I either have to close them all the way or open them. I like her!!

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