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3D freebie: Tacky for Wilmap's Freebie G2F Christmas Sweater

Tacky for Wilmap's G2F Christmas Sweater DS 4.6+ only

Daz Studio only

Tested only in Daz Studio Pro 4.6 64 bit.

Just in case G2F needs some meretricious sweaters for the Xmas season, here are four tacky textures for Wilmap's freebie G2F Christmas Sweater []: Tacky 01, Tacky 02, Tacky 03, Tacky 04. Just in time for embarrassing renders!

After installation, find the materials presets in My Library > People > Genesis 2 Female > Clothing > Pusey Designs > G2F Christmas Sweater > TackyByModernWizard.

These tetures were made with resources from the following: Christmas Scraps by Atenais [], Christmas Lights PNGs by Obsidian Dawn [], PatternCooler by Harvey Rayner [].

Tacky is modeled by Michaela, a custom dialed character. She uses Saiyaness' lovely Mahala head morph and body texture [available at] and various head and body morphs for further shaping.

Use for whatever purposes you like, commercial or non-commercial. Just don't repackage and call your own. Have fun!
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