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3D freebies: Loud Fabrics 04 Natural Elements Shaders for DS 4.6+

Loud Fabrics 04 Natural Elements Shaders for Daz Studio

Daz Studio only

Tested only in Daz Studio Pro 4.6 64 bit.

This is a set of 13 shader presets featuring seamless, tiled, boldly printed fabrics with eye-catching patterns based on natural elements: Purple Peacocks 01, Purple Peacocks 02, Rain Rain 01, Rain Rain 02, Rainbow Reeds 01, Rainbow Reeds 02, Screaming Trees 01, Screaming Trees 02, Tropicalia 01, Tropicalia 02, Tropicalia 03, Tropicalia 04.

An improvement on Loud Fabrics 01, Loud Fabrics 04 features bump maps!

After installation, you will find these shaders under Presets > Shaders > ModernWizard > Loud Fabrics 04 Natural Elements.

These patterns were all generated and tweaked in PatternCooler, Harvey Rayner's awesome free Web-based pattern-generating Web site:

Use for whatever purposes you like, commercial or non-commercial. Just don't repackage and call your own. Have fun!
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