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Here we have another attempt at The Smirk, which came about primarily to showcase my latest acquisition, Nuances of Perfection Eyelashes morphs and textures by AlFan and smay. I have no idea why this product is entitled that way, as it is the absolute opposite of nuanced. Since I've been looking for exaggerated and extended eyelashes for my digital dolls for some time, I'm very pleased.

I tried to put Jareth all in black, but I failed because he strenuously resists monochrome. We compromised on a black and white scheme, mostly because I didn't want to take all the time to do a shades-of-black makeup scheme, which takes longer than you think it would....

The 1980s called. They want fashion tips. :p

Credits: The usual for Jareth's base figure, morph and textures. Hair: Aliza for G2F by meeeeee! Makeup: most Draagonstorm's Geisha Builder, with some help from Draagonstorm and Zev0's Instant Makeup for V5 UV Sets, with lips shaded with one of my freebie Bokehground Shaders. Eyelashes: see above. Earrings and nipple rings: stegy's freebie Springy Hoops for V3, shaded with George Haze's freebie metal shaders. Neck brace: Adzan's Painted Osculus. Gloves: Amy_aimei's Long Gloves for G2F. Shorts: Magus from Genesis 1 freebie Starter Content by Daz. Boots: dx30's Thick Sole Boots 3 for Genesis 1, with morphs by me to make them even higher!!! Pose: Sedor's BWC Runway Poses for V6, tweaked by me. Expression: Flirting + Flirting Feminine Right + M viseme + Mouth Closed + Smile Simple Left + Cheek Crease + Eye Crease + Eyes Up + Eyes Side.
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