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Jareth smirking

Yet another attempt at The Smirk, a more subtle version this time.

Credits: the usual for Jareth's base figure, morphs and texture. Hair: goldtassel's Sultry Hair for G2F. Makeup: most Draagonstorm's Geisha Builder, with some help from Draagonstorm and Zev0's Instant Makeup for V5 UV Sets. Earrings and nipple rings: stegy's freebie Springy Hoops for V3, shaded with George Haze's freebie metal shaders. Choker: Biscuits' freebie Slit Throat for V4. Bolero: SickleYield's freebie Genesis Winter Gown, shaded with Fuseling's Latex and Rubber Shaders for Daz Studio. Corset: SickleYield's Genesis Dead World Underbust Corset. Bracelet/restraint things: fabiana's Bonellusion for V4. Pants: Persian Beauty from Daz' G32F freebie Starter Content, latex shader by Fuseling. Shoes: Mada's V5 Just Jokin'. Pose: Sedor's BWC Runway Poses, tweaked by me. Expression: Made mostly from G2F defaults Flirting and, to a lesser extent, Flirting Feminine Right, along with Eyes Up and Eyes Side, some negative Mouth Open + M viseme, followed by a heavy twist on the Mouth Simple Smile Left.
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