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50 Shades of...Unlicensed Reproduction??

Apparently Vermont Teddy Bear had a 50 Shades of Bear teddy bear that, with its suit, mask and handcuffs, was clearly inspired by the character Christian "50 Shades of Abusive" Grey in the 50 Shades series. Media consensus agreed with Cosmo that it was "quietly unsettling," and yet the item sold out, though it disappeared from the site after Valentine's because apparently it was not an officially licensed 50 Shades thing. Whoops.

P.S. Why were the bear's eyes blue? What's-'is-face has grey eyes.

P.P.S. Did it come with an Ana doll that tripped over its own feet and had a voice box to say, "Wow!" and "Double crap!"? No? Okay, then I'm not interested. :p

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