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Too many dolls: the reckoning

I just took a first pass at sorting out all my 1:6ers who currently are not out; that is, they're in boxes in storage. I divided them into 3 categories: ones to keep, ones to get rid of and ones I wasn't sure about. Then I modified the categories into ones to have out, ones to store and ones to get rid of. [The ones I wasn't sure about mostly became ones to store.]

Final tallies:

Ones to keep: 34
      Ones to have out: 21
      Ones to store: 13

Ones to get rid of: 26

Following are the ones I'm getting rid of:

I'm not sure what to charge on these, since they range from high-quality custom paint/reroot/outfit jobs [like Tamsin], to barely used, out of print figures [like Bering], to modified rarities [Sophie], to experimental customs [Margie]. Prices will range from just covering postage [for certain cobbled-together figs] to me actually trying to recoup my purchasing cost [for the high-quality stuff]. PM me [or E-mail modernwizard atnospam oddpla dot net, substituting @ for atnospam and . for dot], and we'll work something out. Paypal accepted, no fees charged.

Eventually, if I can't sell or give these away, they will be THROWN OUT. I'd much rather that they go to people who will use them, whether as display objects, characters, parts, etc.

P.S. If we make a deal, please be patient, as I have to get the figs from storage, find packing material, then somehow make my way to the post office. This could take up to a week.

Alexandra [in center of top panel]: Legends of Valor figure with modified face and hair by me, comes with outfit. http://www.oddpla.net/lhfweb/season4/4.10/1.jpg

Angelie: Integrity Toys head [on loose], articulated Barbie body, Hi Glamm hands, Obitsu feet, comes with different outfit. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/changes/2.JPG

Bering: Harumika mannequin, comes with pink wig and stand, but no default clothes. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/bering/100_4403.JPG and http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/bering/100_4429.JPG

Captain Thunderpussy: Character Options Novice Hame, no feet, no hands, does NOT come with this outfit. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/thunderpussy/100_2945.JPG

Cerise: Tarina Tarantino Barbie head on modified Dragon fem body, comes with pink suit and Shoezies heels. Customized by Andrea/DollsAhoy/an42. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/dolls/dollclub120509/100_3575.JPG

Cory [on far left]: Integrity Toys head with modified faceup and hair by me [on loose], articulated Barbie body, Dragon hands, no feet, comes with outfit. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/allmy8/100_4382.JPG

Dasu [on right]: Jakks Pacific Juku Couture with repainted eyebrows, comes with outfit.  http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/juku/100_3211.JPG

Ebru: YNU Group Mixi Houda, comes with original sandals and dress + hat by Andrea/DollsAhoy/an42. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/sophie/100_4369.JPG

Ethan: resin Dr. House sculpt modified and painted by me, unknown 1:6 male body with forearms and neck area painted zombie purple to match head, comes with outfit shown in second picture.  http://oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/ethan/ethanpainted.JPG and http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/allmy8/100_4382.JPG

Isabeau: American Girl Girls of Many Lands headsculpt + torso spliced with Jakks Pacific Juku Couture body for poseability, comes with outfit. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/isabeau/100_3913.JPG

Junior: Kelly doll with repaint and sculpted hair by me, comes with outfit.  http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/junior/junior.jpg and http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/junior/100_2195.JPG

Justine: Candi head [on loose] with glued-on wig, CG 2.0 body with no feet, comes with outfit.  http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/waverley/100_3789.JPG

Leonora [second from right in back row in second photo]: Cy Girl AJ head [on loose] rehaired and modified faceup by me on modified Obitsu body, comes with outfit. http://www.oddpla.net/lhfweb/cast/leonora.jpg and http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/allmy7/100_3927.JPG

Maggie: American Girl Girls of Many Lands headsculpt + torso spliced with cut-down Obitsu body for poseability, comes with outfit.  http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/qingting/100_3517.JPG and http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/blameandrea/02.JPG

Margie [9.4" in first photo, on right in second]: Dragon male head [on loose] reshaped, repainted and rehaired by me, on heavily modified Dragon male body with roughly sculpted breasts, comes with outfit. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/smalldolls/100_1383.JPG and http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/margie/IMG_0003.JPG

Marquis: Dragon in Dream's Ultimate Realistic Head 30003 with hair and faceup modified by me, on unknown 1:6 male body, comes with outfit. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/changes/3.JPG

Max [at left of top panel]: unknown male fig with repainted hair by me, comes with outfit and glasses, DOES NOT come with wheelchair. http://www.oddpla.net/lhfweb/season4/4.10/1.jpg

Maybe: Character Options Martha Jones, no feet, comes with outfit by Andrea/DollsAhoy/an42 [except for pendant].  http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/marthajones/100_1231.JPG

N'Yenya: Integrity Toys Monsieur Z Fly Girl repainted and hair cut by Andrea/DollsAhoy/an42, comes with outfit [different than shown]. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/blameandrea/03.JPG

Qingting: American Girl Girls of Many Lands headsculpt + torso spliced with cut-down Obitsu body for poseability [hands on loose], comes with outfit.  http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/qingting/100_2737.JPG and http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/qingting/100_3508.JPG

Shaniqua: Alvin Ailey Barbie, no feet, comes with outfit by Andrea/DollsAhoy/an42.  http://www.oddpla.net/blog/dolls/dollclub030610/100_4000.JPG

Sophie: 2003 Comicon special silver Cy Girl with eyes and mouth repainted by me, comes with outfit by Andrea/DollsAhoy/an42. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/bering/100_4403.JPG

Tamsin: Obitsu head painted and rooted by Andrea/DollsAhoy/an42, comes with outfit by Andrea/DollsAhoy/an42. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/dolls/misc16/unpack/100_5956.JPG and http://www.oddpla.net/blog/dolls/dollclub041010/100_4187.JPG

Teodora [on left]: Toybiz Xena head with modified faceup and hair by me, on tan Cy Girl 1.0 body with no ankle cups or feet, comes with outfit and glasses [not shown]. http://www.oddpla.net/blog/lhfdolls/changes/1.JPG

Thomas [on left]: Mattel Blaine head [on loose] with modified faceup on unknown body, comes with glasses, outfit and innate douchebaggery. http://www.oddpla.net/lhfweb/season7/7.8/02.jpg

ZaeZae [on left]: Integrity Toys head [on loose] with sculpted hair [cracking] by me on articulated Barbie body with Dragon hands, comes with outfit. http://www.oddpla.net/lhfweb/season9/9.4/01.jpg


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