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I think I need a new compooper. After just over 3 years, my current laptop now has problems. As I discovered when trying to install Adobe PhotoShop Elements, the CD/DVD drive does not register. This would not be a very big problem, as I rarely use it, BUT THAT'S HOW I INSTALL SOFTWARE. Interestingly enough, it was working a week ago, when I tried installing Elements the first time [didn't work -- faulty copy]. I don't know what went wrong.

Fine. Be that way, you stupid compooper. I guess I'll be getting another one.

While I'm at it, I should also get Norton AntiVirus and a [cough] legitimate copy of Manga Studio EX 4, which, I see from Amazon, is down to ~$80.00-90.00...finally affordable! I think I'll leave Daz Studio on this compooper, though. I haven't touched it in months. I will be able to transfer all my documents, movies and music over easily, as I have been backing them up on a separate hard drive with some regularity.

EDIT: Also need a lap stand that cools the compooper, as I use it on my legs all the time.

EDIT 2: A possibility. ...Oooh, look -- it's in stock locally! Instant gratification!

EDIT 3: Here's where I'm doing some comparison shopping.
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