Blog of Eternal Stench (blogofstench) wrote,
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Mattel Barbie/Stardoll collaboration dolls feature new headsculpts?

News from D7ana. Apparently Stardolls, a pixel fashion dolls Web site, and Mattel are collaborating to bring out some dolls based on fashions from the Web site. From this collage created by a fan, it appears that the new Stardolls Barbies may have new headsculpts. Look, for example, at the redheaded doll in lower left. I swear I've never seen that headsculpt before. Trying to find some larger pictures of these dolls...

Here are larger pictures of two of the Stardoll dolls. Even the one on the right looks unfamiliar sculpt-wise. It could just be her paint job, though...
Tags: barbie, mattel, stardoll
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