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Junebug's new hat and scarf!

Maria made Junebug a hat and a scarf, which she gave me at doll club yesterday, and Junebug is very proud of them....

Araminthe: "...So if you want a doll of your own, you should ask Elizabeth."
Junebug: "I will!"

Me: "Hey, Junebug, wanna go outside?"
Junebug: "Sure!"

Me: "It's 55 degrees out. You really don't need your scarf and hat. You'll get hot!"
Junebug: "Aww darn. But they're so nice and new, and Maria made 'em for me!"
Me: "Fine, you can wear them, but don't expect me to carry them when you warm up."

Fifteen minutes later, in the Somerville Veterans' Memorial Park...
Junebug: "I wanna climb on that!"

Junebug: "I did it! Go me!"

Junebug: "Phew, I'm hot!"
Me: "Told ya."

Junebug: "Can you carry my hat and my scarf?"

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