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Doll club, 03/05/11

Went to doll club today. Brought Araminthe and her doll Petula. Araminthe went over very well, especially the contrast between her frothy outfit and her snarling expression.

Araminthe in a Mardi Gras crown that Jo was selling.

My Melody Barbie donated to the annual Burlington Public Library basket raffle.

Julie's Berdine Creedy BJD.

Julie's beautiful basic Cami by Tonner with a separately purchased outfit.

Maria and Ashley's Barbie Basics 2.0. The Barbie has a new headmold, the Louboutin sculpt. Very nice!

Another Barbie Basic of Maria and Ashley's. I'm liking the subtler makeup on this wave.

Maria and Ashley's Licca heads on Azone Pure Neemo bodies...not very posable, but shapely and cute.

Maria and Ashley's Karito Kids Gia models a hat and scarf that Maria made for Junebug!!

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