Blog of Eternal Stench (blogofstench) wrote,
Blog of Eternal Stench

Meta-narrative: My dolls play with their dolls.

Now that my BJDs all have their own BJDs, they can play dolls together. Given the differences in personalities, this can lead to conflict.

Precious Little [Sarah's doll, redhead]: "Would you like some more pancakes, Noodge?"
Noodge [Sardonix' doll, bald]: "Omnomnomnomnom!"

Noodge: "More please!"
Precious Little: "Here you go."

Petula [Araminthe's doll, pink hair]: "This pancake party is a stupid idea."

Sarah: "Araminthe, you're ruining the photostory!"

Sardonix [at right]: "Yeah, what's up with that?"

Araminthe: "Hey, I can't help Petula's attitude!"
Tags: araminthe, noodge, petula, precious little, sarah bjd, sardonix 2.0
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