Blog of Eternal Stench (blogofstench) wrote,
Blog of Eternal Stench

Doll club, 2/14/09

With my new camera, I finally got some respectable photos of others' beautiful dolls in attendance at last Saturday's doll club. 

I bought the Rement My Cats litter box set. Kira's brother's printed-out resin sheep needed to take dumps too.

One of The Roommates' Soom Io. It's either Meg's or Sam's. I have such a weakness for Soom sculpts.

Meg's Soom Onyx. All of the pictures of her were slightly blurry, so I chose the least crappy.

Susie [Tanned Roxydoll Lucy, mine] poses with a resin sheep.

Susie with a custom felted and disc-jointed dog owned by Steph.
Tags: doll club, notdoll, rement, soom
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