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Sarah, now with pink hair and an updated outfit!

Let's see...what's the recipe for this doll?

1 Triad Otaku head
1 standard Barbie torso
2 CG 1.0 arms
2 CG 1.0 hands
1 27cm Obitsu pelvis
2 27cm Obitsu pelvis legs
1 repaint by Corsetkitten
1 head of hair from fake pink fur wig
1 Flavas baseball cap
1 set goggles from some war dolly
1 Uneeda sweatshirt
1 Antique Dreaming Momoko apron
1 pair Yu Sai Wa Wa capris
1 pair Medicom Fujiko bootfeet

Stylistically, Sarah is obviously related to Pippilotta and Rori. She's not mismatching enough to launch into fabulosity the way that Zinnia Pascale is, but she has enough unusual elements to her outfit to make her look decidedly odd.

I don't really like Sarah's shoes; they don't go with the rest of her outfit. I also need to weather her face.
Tags: 1:6 clothes, lhf sarah, lhf style, medicom, obitsu

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