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While I'm dreaming...

I would like, in no particular order...

1. Historically appropriate pants for Ethan. I think he needs breeches.

2. Historically appropriate clothes for Victorian Will. While not a separate doll from regular Will, Victorian Will does need a shirt, a vest and pants that match the vest.

3. Historically appropriate underwear for Absinthe. That means a little chemise top.

4. Red flip wig to make Michaela's hair.

5. Dom. I really miss that bastard! Maybe Andrea remembers what head she made him from...

6. Justine. She was the leader of the Sods, but she escaped execution [unlike her partner Marquis] and fled to Sunnyvale, California. In Victorian dress for flashbacks at least.

7. Marquis. He was a co-leader of the Sods along with Justine, but Ethan executed him after the whole debacle with Will and Will's parents. In Victorian dress for flashbacks.

8. Dowager Lily. She is the leader of the Plainsfolk; Rori has an unrequited crush on her.

9. Another head for Will. His current one is kind of broken up around the neck, although his collar makes the break less obvious.

10. A more accurate body for Will. Something scrawny, like an Obitsu Slender Male.

11. More 1:6 glasses. These are the greatest innovation of the LHF revamp, instantly adding realism to characters. Unfortunately, I have run out.

12. Toilet. My bathroom set has only a tub and toilet paper at this point.

13. More foamcore. White for walls and black for "bluescreen."

14. A purpose for Caveat. I reconstituted him a few months ago because I missed him, but he hasn't appeared yet because he doesn't have a plot. I should just stick him in the background of things and see if Will notices.

15. A purpose for Cory. She's waiting for her turn in an upcoming plotline, but I would like to use her soon.

16. More underwear for the fems. I can't stand it when they wear skirts or dresses commando.


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