Blog of Eternal Stench (blogofstench) wrote,
Blog of Eternal Stench

Bionic Woman is bionically boring.

NBC tries so hard to pump up interest in the pilot of Bionic Woman [redux], but its sluggish script, murky plot, dank sets, Keanu-Reeves-worthy "acting" [i.e., standing there like a piece of lumber], plethora of unidentified characters and lack of chemistry between anyone except for Jamie Sommers and Sarah Corvus [who keep eye-fucking each other every time they meet] kill it. You can watch past eps here, but why would you want to? Well, I suppose they're a good cure for insomnia. How can such a fertile concept of bioethics, body modification, the construction of disability and "freakdom," infiltration of the military into civilian life and the technological disenfranchisement of women end up so damn DULL in execution?
Tags: tv
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