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Immortality is interesting, but not in New Amsterdam.

I checked out the pilot of New Amsterdam just now. It concerns a 400-year-old immortal homicide detective who will die only when he finds his soulmate. Derivative but potentially interesting, right? Wrong. The actors have no chemistry or interest in their parts; the mysteries have no originality; the "quips" are stupid and bloodless, and the main character is incredibly dull for someone who supposedly has a death wish. I think he's supposed to be a lonely, suffering character, but he doesn't seem either lonely or suffering. He just seems bored, detached and incapable of human connection, living because that's all he knows how to do. Kill it! [Filed under "vampires" because it addresses immortality...BADLY.]

Oh look -- some eps of Moonlight on AOHell TV...
Tags: new amsterdam, tv, vamp tv, vampires
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