Blog of Eternal Stench (blogofstench) wrote,
Blog of Eternal Stench

Soom's new Mecha Angel

Soom recently developed a tall, etoliated male [somewhere over 65 cm, I guess] named Mecha Angel. His slender limbs make him look like a preying mantis. But I can forgive a lot of bodily disproportions if I like the face. [For example, Frank has narrow shoulders, stick-like arms and fragile fingers, but I like him because of his fabulous face.] So far, as you can see below, Mecha Angel combines the usual Soom Pre-Raphaelite mouth with slender lines and large, liquid, expressive eyes. So, to my mind, it looks promising. I'd like to see close-ups...


Tags: 1:3 will, soom
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